“wickedly entertaining” —Publishers Weekly


* adventures in hollywood: how a movie option almost ruined my life
Curious? Maybe just a little? Lynn’s Entertainment Weekly essay explains it all.

* my baby, the star Lynn writes for the New York Times about the absolutely insane way her
     sixteen-month-old baby wound up in a Canon camera commercial.

*Wake up your children. Open all the windows.’ The dangers of carbon monoxide
A New York Times’s essay about the time Lynn turned off the CO alarm and almost killed her family.


* zombie dating tips Everything you need to know about dating a zombie. Go ahead—pick our brains!

* bleak vs bleak house quiz Quotes from both books! Can you tell which is from whose—Lynn’s
     or Dickens’s?

* savvy girl survival kit Mad Libs! Paper dolls! Fortune tellers! What else do you need? (Seriously,
     what else? Send us a line and we’ll add it. Pronto.)

* lynn tv Love a good promo? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our trailers for Savvy Girl and
The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies.

Henry’s new best friend

loves to read MegaBot comics,

watch helioball and play

video games. Only…his new best

friend is a human appliance

and every robot knows the ordinary

household gadget can’t

read, watch, play or think.

Or can it?  

Watch the trailer

Henry is “remarkable, hilarious, exciting…a smart little novel with a catchy hook I've not seen in a book for kids before.”

—Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal’s Fuse 8 Blog